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Before the press conference ended, Lynn Gustafson walked outside, shaking her head over her husband’s statements that he would support requiring tests to determine if a fetus is viable likely to live outside the uterus before it is aborted.

A moment later, House Finance and Tax Chairman Anne Mackenzie, D Fort Lauderdale, joined Mrs. Gustafson.

Lynn Gustafson would not talk on the record to a reporter, but she did not dispute statements made in her presence by Mackenzie that Gustafson’s position on the abortion issue has been strongly influenced by his wife’s beliefs.

”He has gotten a whole lot better on the subject since I first started talking with him, vardenafil Australia and that’s probably due to Lynn’s efforts,” Mackenzie said. ”Lynn is a feminist and she does not think there should be restrictions.”

The Gustafsons have two young daughters. A third daughter, born during the sixth month of pregnancy, vardenafilaustralia died last spring while the family was visiting Israel.

Mackenzie, who served as ”best man” at the Gustafsons’ wedding, said she believes all male lawmakers should excuse themselves from voting on issues relating to abortion and allow the 27 women in the 160 member Legislature to make the decisions.

Rep. Mary Figg, Dutz, who also attended the press conference, said male legislators at the very least should listen to their wives’ opinions.

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”The men ought to be home enough to ask,” Figg said. Supreme Court upheld a Missouri law. The court’s opinion allows states to ban the use of tax money for abortion counseling and prohibit public hospitals from performing abortions unless the mother’s life is in jeopardy. Additionally, states could require doctors to perform viability tests on fetuses at least 20 weeks old before an abortion is performed.

Republican Gov. Bob Martinez said he would call a special session of the Legislature this fall and ask for additional restrictions. Martinez has Martinez has repeatedly said he opposes abortion except in cases of rape, incest and when the mother’s life is endangered.

Martinez, who appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America Tuesday to discuss the abortion issue,  is scheduled to meet today with a group of pro choice Republican legislators. All are women.

While Martinez says his position represents ”a balancing of rights between women and the unborn child,” his top political adviser, Mac Stipanovich, acknowledged Tuesday that ”the balance is tilted toward the rights of the fetus.”

Senate President Bob Crawford, D Winter Haven, has said he is uncertain how the Legislature should respond to the court ruling. Gustafson also had said little until Tuesday, when he emphasized that he supports a woman’s right to have an abortion.

”I don’t think anybody is for abortion, but I do believe in a woman’s legal right to terminate her pregnancy under current law,” Gustafson said.

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Noting that Florida law already prohibits spending public funds for abortions, Gustafson said he sees no need to broaden that by prohibiting abortions at hospitals that receive public money. However, Gustafson said he would support one change made possible by the court opinion requiring tests for viability of the fetus after 20 weeks.

”You have an opportunity for problems when you have an abortion and the fetus survives the operation,” Gustafson said.

Current law in Florida prohibits abortion in the third trimester, or after the 24th week of pregnancy. Staunch abortion advocates oppose any changes to current law.

Gustafson said he has asked House Health Care Chairman Elaine Gordon, D North Miami, vardenafilaustralia to prepare a bill for consideration at the special session. The bill will be referred to the Health and Rehabilitative Services Committee, which consists of a majority of pro choice lawmakers.

”I don’t anticipate us doing anything much more restrictive than what we have,” Gordon said.

Gustafson said he isn’t sure what he will do if the HRS Committee fails to produce a bill. His options would include doing nothing, which would prevent additional restrictions on abortion, vardenafil Australia or allowing other bills to be considered by the full House or by a different committee.

The speaker said he regretted Martinez’s plans to call a special session and said he would prefer to deal with abortion issues in the 1990 regular session. He said he hopes the special session is not scheduled until after the state Supreme Court rules on a state law that requires unmarried pregnant minors to have the permission of their parents, or a judge, before getting an abortion.